Customer Service

Quality Control Department

Our mission includes a Passionate Commitment to Client Satisfaction. This is only possible through high quality services. Our resources meet our client’s transportation needs 95% of the time. We have set such high standards for quality deliverance so as to ensure a continuous and satisfactory relationship with our clients and/or customers. This is a top priority for us. In addition, we have processes to address and resolve issues pertinent to the total satisfaction of all those using our services, so as to optimize the understanding of all parties involved. Freestate’s quality management department responds with promptness to any complaint. Problems are remedied as quickly as possible and given the utmost attention so we can institute procedural structures to alleviate any future occurrences before they arise.

Client Services Department

This department maintains the desired integral distance between Freestate’s clients and its departments and services. This enables our clients to reach out directly to our resources and answers to their worries as well questions about their transportation benefits. Their collaboration with all other departments, ensure that the client’s concerns and questions are met with prompt knowledgeable solutions. Freestate’s client services representatives ensure that we uphold State and Federal regulations in the transportation sector through compliance and documentation. They also promote partnerships which aid us in our developmental and educational projections for our client’s transportation benefits.
As an appropriate measure for the respect of the rights and dignity of our clients, Freestate Ambulance is committed to the privacy of all confidential health care concerning them. This is referred to as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This law requires that personal health care information be protected and that our Privacy Practices be made known to them. All employees are trained to HIPAA standards and held accountable throughout their tenure.