Our Philosophy


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer superior transportation services in a timely and affordable manner, with excellent care and unparalleled customer service, using only the best personnel to implement precise logistics and planning, ensuring the highest level of service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the lives of our patients and their families better by bringing our patients to the medical care they need in the most compassionate, affordable, and timely manner possible. We strive to be the preferred transportation provider in Maryland. We endeavor to meet every demand from every customer in a timely and affordable fashion. We constantly evaluate new and innovative ways to continually improve all aspects of the transportation industry to ensure our customers are receiving the highest level of care and superior customer service at the lowest price possible.

Our staff is trained to treat every customer as if they were a family member and the Company settles for nothing but excellence in patient care and customer interaction. Every employee works together as a unified team to ensure a flawless and exceptional experience for every customer, every time. We will put our vision into practice by offering safe and well-maintained vehicles, and by providing staff who are caring, competent, and service-oriented.

Our Values

Our commitment is to provide the highest set of standards, ethics, and integrity as demanded by this profession is unwavering. Freestate’s responsibility to its customers, employees and the community cannot be overstressed. We strive to instill such values as:

Passion for Quality Patient Care
Total Customer Satisfaction
Open Communication through transparency

Each member of our team is highly motivated and takes each of these values to heart, on both a personal and professional level.